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CuScooper - Portable Dog Pooper Scooper, foldable dog poop scoop


Portable Dog Pooper Scooper Foldable Dog Poop Scoop 
Introducing our innovative dog's pooper scooper, a game-changer in the realm of cleanliness and convenience. Designed with an extended handle for hygienic cleaning and suitable for all ground surfaces, this is the ultimate solution for picking up after your beloved companion.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using only the finest quality materials, this pooper scooper is engineered to endure and provide a clean and hygienic approach to handling waste. The extended handle revolutionizes the way you clean, eliminating the need for bending down and ensuring a more comfortable and sanitary experience.


Versatility is at the forefront of this scooper's design, effortlessly working on all ground surfaces, whether it's concrete or grass. This makes it an indispensable addition to your dog's walking routine, offering convenience no matter where you roam. The robust construction guarantees its resilience, even during the messiest of cleanup tasks, while the hygienic design ensures that you can maintain cleanliness without getting your hands dirty.


Ideal for dog owners seeking a clean and hygienic solution for managing waste, this pooper scooper is also a boon for individuals with mobility issues or those simply desiring a more comfortable option for tidying up after their furry friends.


Invest in a pooper scooper that will elevate your cleanliness standards while providing unmatched convenience. Don't wait any longer—order now and unlock the ultimate cleaning experience with our unique dog's pooper scooper. Your dog and your surroundings will thank you.


  • Specification:

    Portable Dog Pooper Scooper Foldable Dog Poop Scoop. 

    Standard waste poop bags are protected by the scuff guard from tearing up on the concrete surface. 

    Full length when open 27cm, with folded handle 16 cm.

    It works with our specially designed Scuff Guard as per the manual "How to use It" 

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