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Experience the best dog ball thrower

with the CuHurl Challenge!   #PlayFetch

Discover the thrill of play and rewards! Take on the challenge of launching the ball with CuHurl for your dog.
When you order our full CuKit gear today, you will receive a limited batch of CuHurl

signed by Diarmuid Connolly.

Only 50 are available, so grab yours now.
Join us in strengthening the bond, forging unbreakable spirits, and becoming part of our close-knit community!

Diarmuid Connolly signing hurley
best dog fetch ball thrower with ball indestructible wooden green

Trusted by Champions,
Loved by Dogs

Introducing our unique dog's fetch ball thrower, designed for optimal throwing swing with a wooden ash handle and hurling cesta. Crafted for durability and endless fun, it offers precise throws and maximum distance. Ideal for outdoor play and dogs of all sizes. Comes with the indestructible ball.

Elevate your Ruff-Play with the Perfect Gear for Your Four-legged pet Athlete! 

Diarmuid Connolly X CuHurl

Unleash the energy of your dog and make every walk in the park a fun experience with the hurling-inspired dog ball thrower. 

Experience the Wonder of Celtic Legends with Cuhurl

The ancient Irish warrior sport of hurling played a significant role in the lives of the Celtic people. Images of Fionn MacCool and Cú Chulainn, the iconic warriors of Celtic legend, often depict them wielding the stick or 'hurley.'


Tales of warriors exercising their hounds with stick and ball further highlight the close relationship between humans and their four-legged friends.

Unleash the Magic of Ancient Ireland!

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