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Introducing the CuPepper Cloud: Your Trusted Companion for Safe Dog Walks.


Are you looking for a reliable solution to keep you and your furry friend safe during your outdoor adventures? Look no further than the CuPepper Cloud, the ultimate dog repellent designed to provide short-term protection against aggressive dogs.


Key Features:


- Usage: The CuPepper Cloud container is specifically designed to be used together with our CuHurl. It easily clicks inside the Hurl head and the handle allows you to effectively spread the pepper cloud by just a quick hand wave.


- Effective Defense: The CuPepper Cloud is a highly effective deterrent against aggressive dogs. When deployed, it creates a safe distance between you and the aggressor, giving you valuable time to react.


- Affordable Peace of Mind: Our CuPepper Cloud is an inexpensive yet powerful tool for your safety arsenal. For just €10, you'll receive a pack of two dispensers, each containing 25 grams of CuPepper Cloud.


- Compact and Convenient: The CuPepper Cloud dispenser is designed to be compact and easy to carry, ensuring it's always within reach when you need it most. It even clips seamlessly into your extended CuHurl, providing added convenience during your dog walks.


- Immediate Protection: When opened and shaken, the CuPepper Cloud canister releases a vapor cloud between you and the approaching dog. In most cases, this creates a strong deterrent, causing the aggressor to back away.


- Safe and Humane: The CuPepper Cloud is designed to incapacitate the attacking dog temporarily without causing any long-term harm. It irritates the nose, eyes, and skin, providing a humane yet effective defense.


Important Usage Guidelines:

While the CuPepper Cloud is a valuable safety tool, it should never be misused or abused. It is not intended for use as a training aid. Please use it responsibly and only in situations where your safety or the safety of your pet is at risk.


Don't compromise your safety during dog walks. Equip yourself with the CuPepper Cloud and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a reliable and humane defence against aggressive dogs. Order your pack of three dispensers today and take the first step towards safer and more enjoyable outdoor adventures with your beloved pet. Your safety matters and Cupooch is here to help you protect it.

Expected by the end of December
  • Specification

    A pack of two dispensers, each containing 25 grams of CuPepper Cloud.

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